Offering Quality English Bulldog Puppies For Sale at Affordable Prices

Our desire at Red River English Bulldogs is to offer our customers an exceptionally well bred English Bulldog puppy.  We are very proud of the bulldog puppies we have produced, and we want you to be proud owners of the puppy you purchased from us.  We are committed to the bulldog standard and hope to exceed expectations by keeping health, temperament, pedigree and that powerhouse appearance in our breeding program. 

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English Bulldogs are a dignified breed exemplifying a kind, sweet and gentle disposition.

Yet, the Bulldog exudes strength, stability and vigor! They are dependable, predictable and let’s not forget that impeccable Bulldog waddle!  English Bulldogs make a wonderful family or individual pet.  They are people oriented and have a strong desire for companionships with their humans.

Our adults and puppies are given the very best of care and attention.  Our #1 goal will always be to place our English Bulldog puppies in homes where they will be loved unconditionally!

We are located in southern Oklahoma and welcome you to come visit!

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Available Puppies

We fell in love with English Bulldogs many years ago, and we offer these beautiful puppies to you hoping to extend our love affair with this breed to others. Our English Bulldog puppies are always bred with health, temperament, pedigree and appearance in mind. Click below to find out more about our special babies and how to reserve one of these wrinkled bundles of joy for your own.

Our Sires

Our sires represent the English Bulldog standard in appearance, temperament and health!  They pass these traits to their puppies bringing the best of their hereditary qualities forward.  Our English Bulldog studs exhibit a muscular build desired by us and have a strong pedigree. We offer fresh semen collection and cooled overnight shipment is available.  

Our Dams

Our English Bulldog females represent the foundation of our breeding program.  They were raised by us and kept for the right reasons!  The majority of our females are champion sired with each girl possessing their own unique personality…just ask our grandsons as they can describe each one!  Our girls are given much love and care as they are very special to us.